Malden Lutherans become 'snow refugees'

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Malden Lutherans become 'snow refugees'

Could any good come from all this snow? Weather patterns of historic proportions have been the headline for weeks in New England, especially in the Boston area. While many churches are keeping a close eye on their plowing budget for snow removal in their parking lots other churches have found a different problem.

First Lutheran Church in Malden, Mass., a first ring suburb of Boston, does not have a parking lot. The church depends on street parking in their neighborhood. The winter can be a challenge in any given year, this year has proved to be a big challenge.

“I live so close to the church that I can walk here. Technically, we could always conduct services no matter what the weather,” said Rev. Rachel Manke, pastor of First Lutheran. “However, I'd have been all by myself. There was nowhere to park!”

The scenes of clogged and buried streets in Boston which have been in the media are identical to what Malden has been suffering from in this wintery grip. So Manke and the congregation at First Lutheran came up with a solution – they looked to their neighbors.

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